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  1. अच्छा लगा समाचार देखकर!
    बिजली जाने के बाद यहाँ आकर इसी चैनल का सहारा लेता हूँ!

  2. becaue of u.p. news i usually see E.T.V. news but this is substandard and anti govt. there is no news only advertising antigovt. thoughts of the channel .news readers are more interested in expressing their views rather giving real news .there is no decency in language .no news which can spread the values .I can say that this is 'VERY CHEAP AND USELESS CHANNEL . IT ONLY SPREADS HATRED .

    1. I agree with you, now days news channels are not working for truth. They are working for money and power.

  3. aap log thoda aur modifiy ho jaye to sahi hai